Christian Study

Institute of Theology and Christian formation (ITCF)


The Institute of Theology and Christian Formation (ITCF) is a long-running programme of the Centre that was begun jointly with the Presentation Sisters, Rawalpindi, in 1989. ITCF is apart time lay training programme for Christians in the Rawalpindi/Islamabad area. Its aim is to enable students to develop a deeper relationship with God and help them in gaining wisdom for the application of Christian beliefs in their daily social and interfaith interaction in the pre-dominantly Muslim society. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at the Centre and we offer a 3-year basic certificate course and a one year advanced certificate course.

Theology in Pakistan

The Theology in the Context of Pakistan program seeks to encourage theological reflection on Christian discipleship and the practice of mission and ministry in the context of Pakistan. The initiative is ecumenical in approach and mainly aimed at those who are working or ministering in the Church. It aims to provide direct opportunities for theological learning and reflection and to provide resources that can be drawn on by others.

2012 School of Theology – Developing Contextual Theology in Pakistan29 October - 2 Nov, 2012

The five day School of Theology will bring together a wealth of skilled persons, laity and priests, men and women, who have contributed in the field of contextual theology as well as those beginning this journey with some theological background. During the week we will explore contextual theology in Pakistan from the thematic perspectives of Islam, Culture, Peace and Justice, and Mission.