Christian Study

Peaceful Co-existence in Pakistan


This programme "Promoting Peaceful Co-existence in Pakistan" aims to improve social attitudes regarding interfaith relations among communities. Under this programme, CSC has included a very important segment of the society which was largely neglected in the past. CSC is working with mid-level local religious leaders of all faiths in Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh and Nankana Sahib. They will be given awareness on importance of interfaith harmony for a peaceful society and will be equipped with different techniques to deal with different types of conflicts in their respective areas. These religious leaders will also form peace committees in their respective areas to promote mutual respect and understanding among religious communities beyond the life of the project. This programme also aims to increase the understanding of government officials and other decision-makers on religious tolerance, and encourage their leadership in policy dialogue on institutional reforms that can support peace and interfaith harmony. CSC, with the help of network of religious leaders has also started an awareness campaign on importance of education under the title "Taleem Sab Kay Liye" (Education for All). Under this campaign, CSC is giving awareness to general masses about importance of education for promotion of peace and harmony in the society.